Auto Injuries

man suffering from back pain
man suffering from back pain

Motor Vehicle Collision

Even if you feel okay after an accident, you need to have an evaluation by a chiropractor.

What injuries occur depends on which direction you get hit. Some patients are aware of the impact, while others are not. After a motor vehicle collision, you have a great release of endorphins, which can block the signal of pain. That’s why you may not feel as bad as you really are. About two days after you’ve been involved in a collision, the pain is usually at its worst. At that point, you’ll find a lot of patients who will just take ibuprofen and think the pain will eventually just go away.

What’s happening is your body does an excellent job of adapting to its environment. When your spine gets twisted up after being in an impact like that, it’s similar to a snowball effect. It’s not as bad in the beginning, but it will compound over time, and then you start to realize it’s not getting better. Patients then realize they probably should seek somebody out to determine what’s going on.

Children & Collisions

Children can have adverse effects from a collision, too. Often, they need to miss school because they have a stomachache. They may suffer from constipation. Though their muscles and joints heal more quickly than that of an adult, their nerves can still be surrounded by pressure and inflammation which can set them up with long term consequences.

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