Kids & Chiropractic care

Young Girl Being Adjusted by Chiropractor

Children experience more slips, falls, hits, accidents, bruises, running, jumping, and activities in one week than adults experience in one year! The problem is, we leave all the damage that they do to the body, day after day, totally untreated. No prevention. No wellness care. We do nothing until they have painful and permanence musculo-skeletal problems as an adult. And we can’t figure out why we have so much pain! This would be like eating food our whole lives and never brushing our teeth until we are seniors. By then we would have no teeth! This is obviously not the right health care decision. We need to care for our body before it becomes disabled. 

In today’s world, the chances are higher than ever of our kids living to be 100 years old. If we continue to provide our musculo-skeletal system with no care, no prevention, and go totally untreated, the chances of being constant pain and needing walkers, canes, and wheelchairs, for those years is also higher! We know this is not what you want for your kids. We want your kids to grow and live while experiencing an active healthy life!

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